11 thoughts on “A letter to Amma from a member of ex-Amma group

  1. Thanks ALOT FOR A BEAUTIFUL POST.. It is obvious how this individual while living in the ashram fought with himself all the while projecting his ego onto others AND continued the same for a while after leaving, but soon realized what the ego was up to. I have read blogs and groups where some of them continue their pathetic venting, blaming it all on others, like as if they are angels. I am glad you’ve first hand info, which is a welcome relief in a world of blogs packed with spite, vengeance and hopeless hearsay to back it all up..Keep posting 🙂

  2. ex-amma anti-amma propaganda is based on their worry that Amma is receiving donations. Could you post some original evidence on Amma spending large sums of money for the public where no other NGO did, where she had no benefit in return?

    • Thanks for the honest comments. I will address the issues raised soon. The Chairman of the International Commission on Anthropological Research performed a study on couples along the coastal towns near Parayakkadavu, after the Tsunami that destroyed villages there, throws light on previously unknown data on Amma’s service programs. I will published the data soon.

  3. Looking back, there was a period in time when atheists went all against Amma. Stories they made up ranged from false imprisonment & non existent police cases to shady murders and assaults against rivals. None of them could hold water in the face of scrutiny. Now Gayatri has been out brandishing her knife against Amma, despite receiving 1000s of dollars from Amma for sustenance when she left. I was one among those who was in San Ramon when Gayatri decided to move on in 1999. She stayed at a devotee’s place right after she left. That did not stop her from making up stories on how she “escaped” & was “hunted”, while Amma & the Swamis knew the female couple & their home where she stayed. Amma supported her through the transition period. All the books she wrote during her period as Amma’s disciple praising her higher than the heavens are still lying in bookshelves in 1000s of households around the world.

    When those atheists turned around and became supporters (some now manage ashram’s institutions), Gayatri has taken up their role. When those who left along with Gayatri returned back to the ashram, her ego alone rages unabated in that diving store in Hawaii. Its such unscrupulous maniacs that are holed up in ex-Amma group.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing! I used to always wonder why some people leave Amma’s ashram inspite of given the wonderful opportunity to be Her direct disciple. Now I can understand not only the reason but also the cunningness of the ego to trick oneself into false believes. May Her Grace protect all of us from such treacheries.

    • Thanks. It seems you have some personal experience with the mother, you might like to share here. Pls feel free to send it to us.

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